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We have a few other projects in the pike that we know you're going to enjoy. Read about them below, and whet your appetite for what's the come. Please let us know if you'd like to know more about them.

June, 2023

The Berrserk family leaves the Coldfast mountains in an effort to reunite the mysterious girl they met in King Slapdash's ruined kingdom. 

On the way, they encounter a realm where all the adults have mysteriously disappeared. What's happened to them? But more importantly, why are the kids better off than before?

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June 2023

And Canyon Town, the project I fever-dreamed years ago after I returned to my first love: writing, after decades living a wild unorthodox life. Needless to say, this century-spanning, post-apocalyptic series, with its ragtag cast of many-hued characters is as virtuous a reflection of those wild years as anything I've written.

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June, 2023

In this graphic novel, Own Goal Books reimagines the first epic hero, the Sumerian demigod, Gilgamesh if he were a space faring imperial conqueror, driven by destiny to remake Uruk among the stars.

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Barbarian Throne

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Canyon Town Volume 1: Eye of the Beholder