How I Met Daisy Amos

Introducing the hard-working and talented Daisy Amos, the artist who's been creating the character Sprites for the Baby Barbarian Metroidvania-style video game.

Daisy grew up in Whanganui, New Zealand, but now lives in Dunedin. She is in her third year studying Communication Design, and loves all types of animation and story-telling, but her goal is to work in game design.

Daisy was homeschooled by her mum, which I assumed meant she spent her time foraging in the bush with wallabies and kangaroos until she reminded me that that's Australia, not New Zealand.

Whoops! Sorry Daisy!

Can you believe she's only nineteen! Holy cow, I wish I had been making video games when I was nineteen (of course, when I was nineteen the game would have been… pretty much the same kind of game we're making now. Food for thought about the cycle of cool.)

Igor, our artist, worked at Unity in the past, so he could have done the sprites, but he was already up to his neck in other work, so I needed to find someone who had the skill and the hunger.

Cut to me hopping on Edwin McRae's discord channel, Narrative House, and sending out a notification for someone, anyone, to help me. Who should respond one minute later but the main man himself, who was at that very moment, working with Daisy at her Uni.

Precious minutes later, Edwin, Daisy and I were chatting with over Zoom. The rest, as they say, is history.

(A new development: I received an email today by someone asking whether I could help them with their pixel game design and I was able to refer them to Daisy. Hopefully that'll be her second-ever paying gig as a designer!)

Now that I've got my guff out of the way, let's see what she's been up to!

Here's Brom climbing on his hat to escape the rising water...

Here's Brom paddling to safety, using his hat as a raft.

Pretty fun, right?

Look forward to more video game and graphic novel fun in the near future, featuring Brom and his madcap family.

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