Baby Barbarian Gets a Video Game?!?

We're past Christmas and barreling down towards New Years, so this will be my last connection before 2021. Lots of people have grumbled understandably about 2020, but we at Own Goal Books have a lot to be thankful about.

Firstly, I have the great pleasure of announcing that we will be working with a New Zealand/Hawaii team of scrappy do-gooders to develop a very simple Metroidvania Baby Barbarian video game!

This is very exciting and could only have happened with the generous help of Keahi Selhorst, one of my oldest Hawaii friends, and Edwin McRae, a NZ-based narrative designer, who introduced me to the REAL star of this project: Daisy Amos, the young woman whose been designing our Sprite Sheets.

(Okay, so a few terms have been used here that you might not be familiar with; truth be told, I wasn't familiar with them up until a few months ago! A Sprite Sheet is the different poses a character makes which are then put together for animation. A Metroidvania game is a portmanteau of two classic video game series: Metroid and Castelvania, in which the action is 2D, and mostly proceeds from the left to the right. If you've never played one, just think Snowpiercer with a pixelated Chris Evans.)

And here he is, our very own Brom Berrserk. Isn't he a dapper little pixelated fellow?

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