The First 

Six Pages

What Comes


Issue 1 of Baby Barbarian: Throne of Games begins with the Berrserk family, Brunhild (mom), Bjorn, (dad), and Brom (son) arriving at the village of Lethomme for the monthly open market. 

Other people come for the exciting event, including a haberdasher from a far off land whose wagon is full of exotic curiosities... 


...including the Throne of Games!

That night, Bjorn's ne'er-do-well friends goad him into sitting on the magic seat. Immediately, he disappears! 

When Brunhild and Brom find out what's happened to their Bjorn, mom and son (and Brom's new-found friend) soon follow! 

In Issue 2 of Throne of Games, the family find themselves scattered in the ruins of an abandoned castle--abandoned by people, that is. Magical monsters have taken residence!

When the family finally reunites, they must still figure out how to escape the castle and get back home. 


Chased by an army of animated armor, interrogated by a sphinx, and dropped into a cauldron to make a meal for three giant sisters, they eventually join forces with other unfortunate prisoners. 

In a final dash through the castle, they find the empty throne room, where a cone of light illuminates the old dais. 

Safely at home and with a few new friends, ma and pa Berrserk tie up loose ends—good luck getting out of those knots, Mr. Mountebank!