Baby Barbarian

a graphic novel about family


Life in the Coldfast Mountains is short, brutish, and hard.

The Berrserk family wouldn’t have it any other way. 


Not that they know any other life. 


The farthest they've been from the family thwaite is the nearby village of Lethomme.


They've never passed the Hoary Falls or gone south to the Warmslow Mountains, where life is long,

peaceful, and easy-peasy.   

In fact, if Mr. Mountebank, the mystery man from a distant land, hadn't come to town with his wagon full of magic stuff, then their simple life might not have been upended. 


So Begins the story of


of Games

Baby Barbarian

Meet the Berrserks


Brunhild Berrserk

"Don't play with the stick! Poke an eye out!"

There's a Korean saying: "Mother is stronger than woman"

That in a nutshell is Brunhild Berrserk. 

Strong but gentle, generous but no push-over, Brom's mom embodies the best qualities of motherhood. 


She gives the benefit of the doubt to friend and stranger alike, but everyone in Lethomme knows not to take her kindness for granted.... 


...because when Brunhild says she's got a sword wrapped up in her braid, she's not being metaphorical. 

Brom Berrserk

"You wouldn't like me when I'm hangry!"

Eight-year-old Brom is the main, but not only, 

hero of the Baby Barbarian comics.


When our story begins he hasn't learned yet how to rage, but soon enough fate will force him to unlock this family gift.... or is it a curse?

Depends on how you use it, doesn't it?  


Until then, he spends his days roaming the wilderness around his family's thwaite, making sure his mom and dad are safe and happy. 


Bjorn Berrserk

"It's all fun and games when I get hurt!"

 Like a lot of dads, Bjorn Berrserk,

was a different man before he met Brom's mum.

Some of his old friends won't let him to forget it!

Usually affable, mostly responsible,

Bjorn also has a mean streak

that comes out after he's drunk 

a couple (dozen) flagons of Ole Prune. 

In fact, it's his falling off the wagon and into old habits that sets the ball rolling in

Baby Barbarian, Throne of Games!  

bjorn berrserk